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    ALEC teaches Classical Guitar, Music Theory, and Arranging, all levels.
    He also teaches Fingerstyle Guitar, Ukulele and Composition (beginner-intermediate).
    Each lesson is 55 minutes.

    Alec is a passionate and dedicated guitarist, composer, and teacher, who’s “depth of musical sensitivity is allied with technical clarity, coupled with warmth and generosity” (Ken Sugita, Violinist French National Orchestra-Lille). 

    A winner of the 2016 MU Emerging Artist Competition, Alec has performed solo concerts all over the world including the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He gave his international debut in 2015 when he was invited to perform and give master-classes as a guest artist at the Zobel Gitarrenschule in Bad Nauheim Germany and his performance at The Benton Club in St. Joseph Missouri was critically acclaimed to be “a highlight of the concert season, [and] a resounding success” (President, Missouri Music Hall of Fame). 

    Alec received his Bachelor in Music from the University of Missouri where he attended as an Evans Scholar and studied under Anthony Glise. He completed his Masters in Guitar Performance from McGill University in Montreal, QC, where he studied with world-renowned guitarist Jerome Ducharme. Additionally, throughout his formal years, Alec has attended and performed in countless master-classes where he took lessons from some of the world’s leading guitarists including David Russell, Jason Vieaux, David Leisner, Jorge Morel, and Martha Masters. A dedicated teacher, Alec has accumulated over 6 years of experience both as a school teacher, and a private guitar instructor. Teaching students of all ages and skill levels, Alec is devoted to bringing inspiration to all his students through sharing his knowledge and love of music.

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    ALI teaches Oud, Classical, and Jazz guitar (all levels). He also teaches Arabic/Middle-Eastern styles. In addition, Ali teaches Music Theory and Solfege.
    Ali can teach in English, French or Arabic.
    Each lesson is 55 minutes.

    Ali is a guitarist and oud player based out of Montreal and Cairo. He is an active performer, teacher and composer with a professional career spanning two decades, which include performances in Egypt, Canada, U.S.A. and cruise ships touring the Bahamas and the British Isles. He composed and recorded soundtracks for various films and series.

    Born and raised in a western-influenced society in Cairo, his early influences were rooted in rock and blues. With a growing interest in jazz he moved from Cairo to Montreal where he immersed himself in Montreal’s vibrant and multicultural music scene.

    He was featured as ‘artist of the month’ in the December 2010 issue of Community Times Magazine, Egypt’s foremost community information magazine.

    In 2013 he brought his Montreal-based trio to Cairo to perform a tribute concert to the music of Hamza El Din and the Nubia at the Cairo Jazz Festival. The trio included Thomas Durant on drums, Mike De Masi on upright bass, and Hamza El Din’s nephew singer/oud player Karam Mourad as their guest artist.

    In 2015 he formed his trio consisting of himself on oud, Mike De Masi on upright bass, and Joseph Khoury on oriental percussion. The trio performed regularly in various venues in Montreal, exploring original compositions by Ali which are partly inspired by classical Arabic music while incorporating African, jazz and Latin influences, as well as his arrangements of pieces from the classical Arabic repertoire and more contemporary middle eastern compositions. Over the course of four years the trio developed their sound as one unit, where their musical interplay seeks the right balance between well-grounded arrangements and envelope-pushing improvisations.

    In 2019 the trio released Ali’s first album ‘Ela Mataa?’.

    In Canada, he performed with various projects in Montreal at the Festival Du Monde Arabe, the Festival Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques, the Festival Sefarad, the Festival Nuits D’Afrique, as well as with several flamenco groups and at tango milongas, and he performed in Drummondville at the Mondial des Cultures Festival. In Egypt, he performed with his jazz trio at the Jazz Mania Festival at the Salah El Din Citadel, and he performed at the Cairo Opera House.

    He recorded all guitar parts on the soundtrack of Tamer Ezzat’s “The Ring Road”, a feature film at the Cairo Film Festival, for music by Tamer Karawan. He composed and recorded music for “Their Feast”, a short film by Reem Morsi and presented by the London Film School. He recorded music for “The Door”, a short film by Reem Morsi, for music by Ava Kibalian.
    He holds a Licentiate degree in Jazz Performance from McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, one of Canada’s top music institutes, and a Bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Jazz Studies from Concordia University.

    He studied jazz guitar with some of the top jazz guitarists from the Montreal jazz scene such as Kenny Bibace, Carlos Jimenez, Greg Clayton, Gary Schwartz, and Michael Berard. He studied jazz music with some of the top jazz musicians from the Montreal jazz scene such as Remi Bolduc, Kevin Dean, Fraser Hollins, Jean-Nicolas Trottier, Charles Ellison and Dave Turner. He studied oud with some of the most accomplished oud players around the world such as Simon Shaheen, Charbel Rouhana, Nicolas Artuso, Khalil Moqadem, and Alaa Saber. He studied Arabic music with Simon Shaheen and classical guitar with Tariq Harb.

    Ali loves teaching music as much as he loves playing it. As a music teacher, he tries to inspire in his students the love he has for music, and to share his passion for playing the guitar and the oud. Since every student has different goals and needs, Ali tailors the lessons accordingly and enjoys the challenge that comes with every different situation. Therefore, students of all levels are welcome (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

    Lessons can be devoted to anything from learning how to play simple songs and melodies to more advanced and in-depth topics such as:

    – Music Theory: scales/modes/chords/maqams/intervals and the relationships between them all.
    – Technique: playing with a pick/risha vs. fingerstyle, sound production, rhythmic ability.
    – Developing improvisational language.
    – Studying different styles & techniques of guitar/oud players.
    – Improving sight reading skills.
    – Exploring different styles such as rock, blues, jazz, Arabic/middle-eastern and classical music.
    – Developing an efficient practice routine with good practice habits and proper technique.

    Students may book lesson time slots other than the ones listed on the calendar after consultation with Ali.

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    BRAEDON teaches Renaissance Lute, Baroque Lute, Baroque Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Fingerstyle Acoustic, and Music Theory (all levels.)
    He also teaches Mandolin for beginner & intermediate levels.
    Each lesson is 55 minutes.

    Braedon, like many guitarists, had his roots in self-taught rock’n roll but now holds a Masters in Lute/Historical Plucked Strings and a Bachelors in Classical Guitar and Composition. As a performer, Braedon has had a range of musical experiences from festivals, solo recitals, chamber groups, and large orchestras to rock bands, bluegrass groups, and other various gigging opportunities.
    As a passionate teacher, Braedon cultivates and nurtures an intimate connection to the instrument and music. The importance of theory, technique, and musical interpretation is incorporated in every lesson ensuring that practicing and playing becomes a fulfilling pleasure. For Braedon, instruments are vehicles of human expression, from the whimsical to the folly, and looks forward to sharing that journey with you.

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    JONATHAN teaches Early Plucked instruments (theorbo, guitars, vihuela, lutes), Classical / Acoustic (Fingerstyle) guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory, Songwriting, Bass and Electric guitar, Music Theory, all levels.
    Jon also offers beginner
    Sitar/Indian Classical Music classes.
    He can teach in English and Spanish.
    Each lesson is 55 minutes.

    Jon is a specialist in plucked string instruments, is a native of New York, and currently based in Madrid. He started his musical studies at the age of 10. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Guitar and Ethnomusicology and a Masters Degree in Historical Plucked String Instruments, both from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University as well as, the completion of the “formación continuada” program at Escola Superior de Music de Catalunya.

    Jon has been teaching private and classroom lessons for over 8 years. Having a diverse musical background and upbringing allows him to tailor lessons for individual students of all ages, musical interests, and skill levels.

    He has studied with world-renowned lutenists such as Nigel North and Xavier Diaz Lattore. His previous teachers include Petar Jankovic, Christopher Gotzenberg (Classical Guitar), Ikhlaq Hussain (Sitar), and Steven Rickards (Voice).

    Jon has experience performing historical plucked string instruments, such as theorbo, lutes, vihuela, 5-course guitar, and 4-course guitar, in addition to acoustic/electric/classical guitars, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, sitar, and bass.

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